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Panfilov's 28 Men (2016)

Panfilov's 28 Men is a 2016 historical film about the act of bravery of a group of Soviet soldiers from the Panfilov's Twenty-Eight Guardsmen in the defense of based on 8th Guards Rifle Division operations during the 1941 Battle of Moscow is set in the Eastern Front of World War II.


The film is directed by Kim Druzhinin and Andrey Shalopa, produced by Panfilov's Twenty Eight and Gaijin Entertainment. Initially the film used crowdfunding, later it has been financially supported by Russian and Kazakhstan governments and Gaijin Entertainment game development company. The premiere took place in Volokolamsk in 16 November 2016 and in Russia in 24 November 2016.


The plot was written by Andrey Shalopa in 2009, and the production team took their teaser trailer of the film to Boomstarter crowdfunding platform, seeking co-financiers. "It will be a film about Soviet heroes. We will describe the battle near Dubosekovo, which went down in history as the deed of Panfilov's 28 men". The crowdfunding campaign was successful, and the film raised 3 million rubles out of planned 300 thousands.[5] By the time of the premiere the film raised 34,746 million rubles.


In May 2014 Gaijin Entertainment, Russian game development company known for its game War Thunder joined the funding.
In December 2014 the film won a grant of 30 million rubles from Russian Ministry of Culture, and later the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan added another $287 thousand.


Collecting money, producing and renting the film accompanied a vigorous discussion of its historical authenticity in the blogosphere and the media. The picture was positively received by the spectators, having collected in the CIS 384 million rubles and becoming the best film of the year according to the results of the VTsIOM poll.



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